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All You Need to Know About Hair Bundles

By Coach Tina Obaid, Owner LA Hair Candy

Our hair is an expression of us, our vibe, mood, where we are at in life. Hair is our Crown. We may be celebrating, falling in love, starting a new job or just want to have a hot girl summer, hair just like music is an important part of our life and LA Hair Candy has just the right beauty experience. Hair Bundles or hair extensions are a great way to However, there are a lot of things that some women do not know about hair bundles. So, in this article, we will talk about everything you need to know about hair bundles.

What are hair bundles?

Hair bundles are a pack of hair extensions that can be used to add length, volume, or color to your mane. You can add hair bundles to your hair with a weave or extensions, which can be in a form a sew in, tape, or other methods. Real hair bundles also known as virgin hair are 100% natural hair. This means that they have not been chemically processed. For this reason, you can style them in whatever way you want.

The care of these hair bundles is similar to how you take care of your hair (more on this later). Hair bundles can be in the form of sew-ins, micro-links, tape-in extensions, clip-ins, and so on. Because of its versatility in styling, real hair bundles or virgin hair is one of the most sought-after hair bundles. However, they are of different types based on their origin and texture. They include Peruvian hair bundles, Brazilian hair bundles, Indian hair bundles, and so on.

What does the hair volume mean

Hair Bundles come in different volume or thickness

How long do hair bundles last?

Real hair bundles last for about 12-24 months (1 to 2 years). However, how long it lasts depends on some factors.

  • The type of hair bundle: as we established earlier, there are different types of hair bundles. Out of all these, the one that lasts longer is the Brazilian hair extensions. And this is why it is the most popular type of hair bundle. 
  • How you care for it: Another factor that determines how long it lasts is the care you give your hair bundles. 

How to take care of hair bundles

If you want to enjoy your real bundles for a long time, you need to take care of them properly. Here are some tips on how to care for Brazilian hair extensions:


You need to care for virgin hair bundles the way you care for your natural hair. And natural hair needs moisture. For this reason, you should ensure you co-wash your hair bundles before you install them. Co-washing means washing your mane with conditioner. This will help you add moisture to your hair bundle and maintain its shininess.

How do I wash Brazilian Hair Bundles ?

How often you wash your Brazilian hair extensions depends on how often you use them. If you use them regularly, ensure you wash every 4 to 6 weeks. When it’s time to wash your real hair bundles, do not wash with hot water as this could damage the hair cuticle. Wash with warm water and rinse with cold water to lock in moisture. Avoid using sulfate-based shampoo as it strips the hair of its natural essential nutrient.

How do I dry hair bundles ?

Although a hair dryer helps dry the hair faster, you must avoid using it to dry your real hair bundle if you want it to last long. This is because a hair dryer will cause frizz in the hair and also expose the hair to heat damage. Therefore, ensure you air dry your Brazilian hair extensions.

How do I style Hair Bundles ?

When it comes to styling, you should avoid using heat styling tools (flat iron, curling iron, and so on) on Brazilian hair extensions. If you want to use it, you will need to use a thermal protectant. This will reduce the exposure of your hair bundle to heat damage. If your virgin hair bundle is curly, do not use a brush on it. This will damage the cuticle of the hair. You should only use a wide-tooth comb to maintain your curls.

What are the things you can do with hair bundles?

One of the benefits of real hair bundles is that their styling is versatile. You can use your Brazilian hair extensions to make large braids or micro braids. On the other hand, you can use your hair bundle to make sew-ins, wigs, weaves, and so on.

How can I sell hair bundles ?

LA Hair Candy will be launching an affiliate program in September 2020 to allow you to sell Hair Bundles to your friends, family and clients.

How can I sell hair bundles ?

LA Hair Candy will be launching an affiliate program in September 2020 to allow you to sell Hair Bundles to your friends, family and clients.


Real hair bundles are 100% natural hair that has not been chemically processed. For this reason, you have to care for it the way you care for your natural hair. So, if you follow the maintenance tips in this article, you will be sure to enjoy your Brazilian hair extensions for a long time.

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